{The Unidentified Redhead- Redhead, P.1} by Alice Clayton {46¢}


This was a good story. It didn’t have a ton of conflict or issues, which I like sometimes. It was a light-hearted, witty story about a woman reinvented and finding her worth through the eyes of a hot, British, movie star that could probably thread a needle with his tongue. It was obviously geared to set up the next book, because there really was no resolution at the end, except you finally see her reach New York. All of their relationship issues are still unresolved, i.e. this Marcia, the age difference, the separation for their passions/work, her long-lost crush/love interest Michael. This portion of their story, on its own, isn’t complete enough to really rate on plot, because I still do not know what will happen. I have no ending to surmise the story, just a to be continued type… cliffhanger. But, it does make me eager to read the next book in the Redhead series. So far, I like the story.

Main Characters – 4¢

These characters, so typical of Alice Clayton, are colorful, charming, gut-flexing funny and easy to love right from page one. I had a clear picture of, Grace, the main character and she was easy to relate to as a 30 something person myself. She had normal insecurities and a decent self-image. Grace, or Gracie, or Crazy girl or asshead, was confident in her thoughts and words and sassy in a Monica/Rachel, circa 1996, kind of way. I dug her.

The Brit, Jack, was a bit less detailed, history wise. He was always quick to playfully banter with Grace. He had a loveable personality and was openly attracted to her out the gate.  Jack, or Johnny Bite Down, or Mr. Hamilton, or George, always had a positive outlook, was very sweet, and was a mega overachiever in the oral department. However, I wanted to know more about him. There is still another book, so we will see what else I can find out about the Brit.

Secondary Characters – 5¢

I loved all of them, Holly especially. She was the bestest best friend. I adored her New Kids on the Block references, her name calling, can cheese-eating, and all around fowl mouth. She was the most giving character in the book. (Aside from Jack’s tongue. Seriously, could I be any more juvenile?) I really want her to get with Lane in the second book. There were some little hints that I caught, or fabricated because I wanted it to happen, in there. I thought Nick was great. I liked Rebecca; I am guessing there will be more of them in The Redhead Revealed.

Setting – 5¢

The setting was really good. I thing that Alice C. does a great job of making her scene settings vivid and authentic to the real places. I mean, as far as I know. PCD does go north to Santa Barbara from L.A, right? I suppose I should have Googled that first. Oh, well. Believable, she is. I bought into all the roads and places they went together. The romantic way he set up the room for their first tryst. I loved that they got frisky in closets.

That reminds me…I need to clean my closet and make some room. Maybe I should have a yard sale??? To pay for more books!  …where was I?

Humor – 5¢

Giggles, chuckles and all that smiley crap, this book had a great humor about it. I would like to meet the author in real life. I think we would be best of friends and share many stories of the 80’s and 90’s. The way her characters pick and nag at each other is true to how friends communicate. Call me, Alice.

A/R – 3¢

Before the trip to Santa Barbara, I fell off the map. I put this book down for a day or two. It wasn’t because I lost interest or because the story was dull for me though. I think it was that I read another book by her earlier this week and I needed a break. Don’t get me wrong, this book was easy and fun to read. I just kept comparing the two. I needed space to appreciate this one. For that, I gave it 3¢. I could live without it for a day and it wasn’t calling to me from my purse. Or maybe it was… but it was on vibrate.

Vocab – 3¢

While, some of the quirky nicknames were sweet when first used, toward the end I was over a few of them. The Nuts Girl, Crazy Girl, Crazy Nuts, whoever…it began to irritate me. Other than that, I thought that the language was smart and I really enjoyed it.

Steam – 5¢

Boobies.Ta-tas. Love pillows. Bresticles. Flap Jacks. Sweater meat! That was my favorite one! That guy loves breasts. Never has a fictional character, that I have read, ever loved boobies as much. Even during their second conversation ever, Grace and Jack were laughing about sparkly boobies. And there was a hint of tit from there on out. I thought it hilarious that he held her boobs for balance in the shower. I know someone who does that. Ehem, Danny.  I guess, it worked out great for them as she could climax from nipple play. I wasn’t blessed with that feature, though. You win some, you lose some. I would so have appreciated it, too.

Jack was also the master of the Hamiltonian Wake-Up Call, which I have never received, I think. I feel slighted because of their fictional steam. These two had amazing chemistry. Their first encounter was friendly and flirty and it was easy to see that they would be really compatible.

Oh, how I waited. They did a LOT of, hmmm…how do I put this delicately… third basey? handsy? mouthy? stuff? I didn’t feel at all ripped off. I just wanted it as bad as they did when they finally got there. I was sex-crazed and pathetic. I would have begged myself if I would have thought it would get me anywhere. Okay, so I did beg. No one heard me though. Well, just the dog. Talk about anticipation, I could have screamed with all the stalling. Totally, worth the wait though.

What. A. Guy. Nice moves, that one. And …mmm, The Queen’s English? The accent, even though it was only in my head, really does something for this pervert.

Value – 5¢

Under $3. Nice. Lately, I have run across some really good values. This book was absolutely worth the price. Plus I won’t complain about the other $3 I will spend to see what happens to Jack and Grace in the next installment.

Ending – 3¢

Uneventful and really sweet. It ended as I suspected it would, true to the first book in a series. At about 2/3 of the way through I knew what their conflicts were and I could assume they would only be moderately handled. There is a lot left up in the air. The ending of this book knocks on the door of the sequel and I’m the fool that will open said door. I am sure that the true ending of Jack and Grace’s story will be great though. I just need it! I need it tell you! See how bad the stalling kills me? I’m so impatient.

In closing… if you are looking for a book to pick up your spirits after reading something gloomy and sad, then I would 100% recommend this series. It is playful, silly, sexy and that is usually a remedy for the book blues. Grace and Jack are a fun, up-beat couple that laugh a lot and so will you.

I had only seen her this worked up when Donnie Wahlberg was involved. –Grace

I remembered this moment. He had just told me I had a bat in the cave. –Grace

I knew he was going to fuck me like it was his job. –Grace

“Grace, we’ll leave in a few hours,” he placated. “Pipe down, woman, and bring me those tits. You know I can’t sleep without a handful.” –Jack

“Yeah, I saw it in a book about how to woo women… apparently you all like to be boinked in front of a roaring fire.” –Jack

I couldn’t see Jack, but I knew he was already in there because he had thoughtfully written POO on the glass door in the steam. I could hear him in there chuckling. –Grace


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